Maine Artist in Oil, Acrylic and Block Print

Maine Artist in Oil, Acrylic and Block Print
"White Mountains Hayfield", Joe Godleski, oil on canvas

Friday, October 29, 2010

Ogunquit Art Museum

In Flight
Mildred Johnson Assemblage
Today, Alex and I just barely beat the 2010 closing date for the Ogunquit Art Museum.  We traveled down from Brunswick a little over an hour and the fall colors were still very impressive.  The Ogunquit Art Museum grounds, as always, were beautiful, this time including a heron in flight.  Inside the Museum, the four shows on exhibit were all extremely worthwhile.  We were especially happy to see Mildred Johnson's assemblages on display.  Mildred's most striking work was a double planed see-through assemblage that allowed one to peer through to the sea.  The shot taken from the outside above does not begin to do it justice.  Mildred has a studio around the corner from our studio in Fort Andross and she is always a joy.  Click here for a link to a photo album of our day at the Ogunquit Art Museum.

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