Maine Artist in Oil, Acrylic and Block Print

Maine Artist in Oil, Acrylic and Block Print
"White Mountains Hayfield", Joe Godleski, oil on canvas

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Two More 10 by 10s

I've completed two more 10 by 10 inch paintings. The flower is entitled "Summer Snow," a type of Japanese Tree Lilac that Alex and I saw at the Coastal Botanical Gardens earlier this year. I really enjoy using the water-mixable oil paints to get the colors to work with and flow into each other on the canvas. The other painting is "The Harp," a scene from the warmup for a MidCoast Symphony performance.

On another note, the Brunswick Art Walk this past Friday was quite busy for my studio mate, Alan Mast, and myself. We had a solid number of visitors and much enjoyable discussion. It was quite energizing.


ann said...

Really nice Joe. So where is the first 10x10. I seem to have missed it.

Joe Godleski said...

Ann, Thank you!! There are two other 10by10s done - the Lobster Buoys on the June 15 post and the View from West Branch on the June 22 post. And I'm working on fifth one that should be completed shortly. I'll need to pick 3 for the October show.